Welcome to our page in Spanish.  We are building this page.   What we wanted to offer was resources to the Spanish Community so if you wanted to create a display table you can do what we do, which is laminate the flyers on this page and have them at your table.  Just click on the red links to download the flyers.  Let's start with 2 flyers from  the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  Here is one  that shows minors being prostituted and another that shows how cruel the Human Traffickers are to their victims.  Here is a great one for parents so they can know the warning signs of a teen who being "groomed" by a Human Trafficker.  Here is a another great one from the National Human Trafficking Resource center that shows pictures of all forms of Trafficking, including labor trafficking.  The center has posters like this in several languages. This one from Sower's Education demonstrates the various tactics pimps use to trick kids.  All the groups mentioned above have websites with lots of great resources.   

Netsmartz has awesome videos in Spanish that parents can use to start a conversations with their children on how Traffickers trick kids.  Just go to their site and choose language at the upper right.  http://es.netsmartz.org/Parents    They have videos for teens, tweens and kids.   Once you have selected a category at the top, just scroll down to "real stories" to access them.   If  you speak to parents, here is our Power  Point in Spanish.   Here is the script for it.  We are currently working on translating the script into Spanish. Here is our flyer in Spanish which lists eleven main actions individuals or a faith community can take. 

Here is our power point in Spanish to facilitate a faith based ministry/social justice committee  in taking action against trafficking.  Here is the script in English which we are working on getting translated.