How You Can Fight

Human Trafficking


People in the Developing Nations are surprised to find out that Human Trafficking is happening in their own communities.  What they are unaware of is that what is driving the market for kids is porn addiction and there are porn addicts in every community in the world. In the Developing Nations, a sex Trafficker can make well over half a million dollars a year.   ​The  money  that can be made is creating an incentive for more and more criminals to get involved in this crime making it the fastest growing crime in the world.  Given that Human Trafficking is growing faster than Drug Trafficking, it could surpass drugs in size in a few short years.  On the "Parent " tab is a Power Point with information and handouts on how to protect one's children from becoming victims.   There is also one on the "Teen" tab that can be shown to teens.

 The Traffickers have world wide networks where they share tips on how to trick kids, how to avoid being caught, etc.  When our networks are stronger than those of the Traffickers, we will see a decrease in this crime.  The fastest way to create those networks is through Service Organizations and Faith Communities because the infrastructure is there.   The book "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference" is designed to empower individuals and groups to join the fight.  If we all do our part, we can win.  The book is available at Amazon.   

Our desire for cheap goods and services is creating the demand for labor trafficking.  With regard to Third World Human Trafficking, you can find out more about what you can do on the "Fair Trade" tab at this site.   In the developed countries, if you come across someone who is working 24/7 as a dish washer,  attendant at a retirement home,  nail salon, etc. most likely they are a victim of labor trafficking and you should call the police. 

 Every business model is made up of  supply, demand and the middleman/woman.  With Trafficking, law enforcement can take care of the middle man, which is the Trafficker.  What we can do is act to decrease the supply/demand side.    Our Power Point on the "Speakers" tab and  this handout (you need to left click on the word "handout" and the document will come up) has many activities an individual or group can do to fight Human Trafficking that addresses the supply and demand aspect of this issue.  There are also power points on the parents, teen, porn and ministry tabs to help you raise awareness and  empower people to act.  If you are trying to find a group in your area that doing something like "street outreach," then google "Human Trafficking Walk or Task Force (your city or county) and go walk or contact the organization that put on the Walk and the people there as will a task force, will be able to tell you who is doing what in your community.

 If you want to stay current on what is happening, more and  more communities are creating task forces.  Simply google "Human Trafficking task force" in the major city near you and you should be able to find one.  There, you can connect with others to serve the needs that are relevant to your community.  One aspect of this issue that is gaining more and more popularity is the idea of decriminalizing prostitution for the prostitute because of Sweden's claim that when they did that, human trafficking was reduced.  The fact is that in every country that decriminalized prostitution  or legalized prostitution, human trafficking increased.  This handout outlines the research on that. It is my prayer that the handout, the resources at this site and the book will empower you to join the fight.  Together we can end the cruel exploitation of men, women and children.