If you are looking for flyers to raise awareness, the National Human Trafficking Site has flyers in 20 different languages on their  "Get Involved" tab under  "Outreach and Awareness." When victims are rescued, they are always asked why they did not run away.  Their answer always is that they did not know where they could get help.   The first flyer is from "Shared Hope" and is shown to the left.  You can download it by selecting  flyer.    There are many other great resources at their site.  The second flyer is from the "California Department of Justice" website.   If you go to the site and search for "model notice" you can find this flyer as well as the list of locations where flyers are now required to be put up.  If you don't live in California, you use the list as a reference for where to put up flyers to rescue victims. The third flyer is from the "Polaris" website and includes examples of both sex and labor trafficking.  They offer this  flyer in 13 different languages.  "Polaris" is the group that answers the 888 number on the flyer in 160 different languages. To find the flyers on this page, just click on the words in red.  If you go to the sites mentioned, you will find many other resources that you can use.

The second set of flyers is for schools.   The first flyer is from the Department of Education and is an excellent resource for teachers on what to look for.  The second flyer is from the "Center for Missing and Exploited Children" website.   Their Netsmartz videos are  a tremendous resource for teachers.  Schools need to be responsible for educating kids how the Traffickers trick kids and the dangers or running away.   The third flyer is a handout from Sower's Education for teachers, youth pastors, etc. educating them on the tricks pimps and recruiters use to trick kids.

The third set of flyers is from the "Rescue and Restore" website.   The brochure as well as the "toolkit" offered at their site offers many resources for health professionals. Health professionals are a front line for Human Trafficking, because the people can't work if they are sick, so health professionals who are trained on what to look for, have rescued many trafficked victims.

The fourth set of flyers is from local groups in Southern California who are working to promote adoption, foster carementoring and rescuing kids from the street.   If every child at risk had a mentor, thousands of kids could be saved from those who would exploit them.  Stand Up For Kids and Covenant House goes out to the streets to find these kids before the Human Traffickers do.   Covenant House provides shelter, a life skills" program, and job support for these kids so they are no longer homeless when they leave.  For this section, you will need to ask your local organizations for flyers that you can pass out at a donut sale or a drive.  

Last but not least is our guidelines for how to talk to victims or potential victims of human trafficking for teachers, youth pastors and those who work with teens, etc.