Through Gods Grace Ministry was created to empower faith communities to fight trafficking.  The book "How You Can Fight Human Trafficking, Over 100 Ways to Make a Difference" was written to provide a resource  for individuals and  groups  so that  they both understood Human Trafficking in all its dimensions and  knew what to do to fight it. (See home page to buy the book.) Our latest effort, "So Cal Faith Coalitions Against Human Trafficking" are local coalitions in Southern California where pastors, social justice and ministry leaders meet to share ideas, resources and support each others events. You can find more information at the site. 

Human Behaviorists tell us that one of the hardest thing for people to do is to get started.  However, once they do get started, they begin to gain momentum and pretty soon the project takes on a life of its own.  To get started, you need a plan.  The purpose of the Power Point on this page is  to help you  create that plan.  Once you have the plan together, you can look at the resources on the Flyers tab and the Speakers Resources tab to find ways to raise awareness which is the first part of any plan to fight trafficking.  However, raising awareness is not enough.   All that does is leave people  lamenting about how terrible it all is, but nothing will change.  It will take prayer and action to fight trafficking.   Here is the ‚ÄčPower Point  with the script that you can use to help  your group get started.   This flyer was designed to go with the power point and provides resources and detail for many of the slides. If you  are a group leader, you may want to add your own slides  that fit with the  design of your faith community. 

It is my hope that once you have gotten your group started, you will then go to the surrounding faith communities and service groups in your area and help them start a group.  History tells us that once we reach a critical mass of awareness and people taking action, social problems are solved.   Given how fast Human Trafficking is growing, we need to  quickly work to build the army God needs to end this.   The way to do this is through task forces.   It only takes a small group of committed people to start a task force.  Here is the powerpointto show a faith based source group that wants to start a task force.  While you need to take time to educate yourself,  you don't need to spend months doing that.  You can read the book and be ready to begin in a week.  What is important is that you get started.   I pray that God blesses you in your  efforts!