Fair Trade means no child or slave labor was used  in the manufacturing or distribution of that product.  Since slavery is illegal in countries like the U.S. , Canada, Europe, etc. it mostly is referring to imported products from China, India,  Indonesia, San Salvador, etc. You can find a complete list of products that use slave labor by going to the Department of Labor website, and search for "list of goods produced by child or slave labor."  There is a great phone app entitled "Slavery Footprint" that you can download that lets you know how many slaves support your current lifestyle with what you purchase.   If every school and church fair had a "Fair Trade" table, it would go a long way to raising awareness. We can write to those companies that were given a low grade by "Free 2 Work."  Every letter a company gets is thought to represent 10,000 people.  If we put enough pressure on companies to only use "Fair Trade" organizations for their supply chains, we would save millions of people from a life of misery.  Many cities are establishing themselves as "Fair Trade Towns" meaning the merchants are committed to not carrying any products produced by slaves.  This website has information on how to set that up. The website "Not for Sale"" has materials for a "Freedom Sunday" or a "Freedom Salat" for Muslim communities, etc.  that you can use to raise awareness regarding Human Trafficking and the importance of purchasing Fair Trade products.

We can start our own personal campaign to end child and slave labor in the 3rd world by making sure our coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate are "Fair Trade." The  world consumes almost 6 billion cups of coffee and tea a day.  If it was all Fair Trade it would completely transform living conditions in the world for the poor, would dramatically reduce labor trafficking and would help the economies of the developing world as companies in the developing world can not compete with companies that do not pay their workers. The book "15 Minute Healthy Organic Meals for Less Than $10 a Day"  was written so people had a resource with which to share with their friends the importance of  using Fair Trade.   What  people have shared with our team is that while it may have been difficult to get their friends to read a book on "Human Trafficking" because it is a "dark" subject, so many of their friends are into health and loved getting the "food" book as a gift because it is a great book to build one's  health while stressing the importance of  considering how our food is produced and using our "buying power" to influence a decrease in labor trafficking and taking care of our environment.

‚Äč Another significant factor that is contributing to Human Trafficking in the 3rd World is corruption.   The International Justice mission is doing a fabulous job of addressing corruption. One of their initiatives reduced the availability of minors for sex trafficking by 79 percent in Cebu and IJM has experienced similar successes in Cambodia.  Any fundraising that one can do to support this organization will go a long way to reduce slave labor in the 3rd World.  

In many places in the 3rd World, it is getting too hot to grow food so the Human Traffickers will purchase the oldest child, often 7 years old, so the rest of the family can eat for a year.  Then that child will be locked in a brothel for the rest of their short life.  What this means is that taking action to prevent Climate Change is also impacting Human Trafficking as well as every other social issue as climate change is making the poor, poorer which makes them vulnerable to becoming exploited in many ways.  One significant way we can reduce green house gases is to use anything re-usable as the production of any product needs utilizes green house gases in order to produce it. In the U.S. city by city is passing ordinances to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags as we have an island of plastic in the ocean that is twice the size of Texas and a "plastic soup" made up of tiny pieces of plastic in the Pacific Ocean that is twice the size of the United States.  In order to comply with the ordinance, people are purchasing re-usable bags with the store's logo on it.  Instead of that, you can put the logo of your place of worship, or the Boy Scouts, etc.  can put their logo on it with the words "Save Children from Human Trafficking by Purchasing Fair Trade Products."  Then every time people shop, they would remember to buy "Fair Trade" and they would be advocates for buying Fair Trade every place they carried the bags.    Attached  are several flyers for Fair Trade that I have at my table.  Bar Code.   Fair Trade.   Slavery Foot Print. I put them in sign stands and invite people to take a picture as people often throw away flyers and do save their pictures.   This  flyer will help raise awareness regarding saving energy which reduces global warming.   Let's all do our part to reduce the suffering of so many in the 3rd world!